Rose Croix

Welcome to the web page for the Ancient & Accepted Rite for the District of Buckinghamshire, more commonly known as "Rose Croix".


The Rose Croix is a Christian Order and is open to all Freemasons who have been Master Masons for at least one year and who believe in the Trinitarian Faith.

Many members consider Rose Croix to be their favourite Order. When a candidate joins the Order, which is governed by the Supreme Council in Duke Street St James’s in London, he is described as being "perfected".

Becoming a Prince Rose Croix Mason involves the conferment by name of a number of Intermediate Degrees (several of which have been claimed, or are worked, by other branches of Freemasonry) before the 18th degree is conferred on the candidate. Once having worked the different elements of the 18°ceremony from the Chair (usually after about 8-10 years in the Order), he is eligible for election to the 30° and, after further service to the Order, may be recommended for 31° and beyond.

There are eleven Rose Croix Chapters within the District with meetings held at Aylesbury, Slough, Buckingham, Bletchley, Little Kimble, Beaconsfield, Olney and Marlow. Further details about membership may be obtained by visiting the Buckinghamshire Rose Croix website at

Buckinghamshire Chapter No. 1176 is more commonly known as the Higher Degrees Chapter within the District. Membership is open to all Princes who have been through the Chair and who have given further valuable service to the Order and hold 30° rank or above. However, Princes of the 18° are most welcome to attend as guests and visitors. For more information about the Buckinghamshire Chapter, please contact the Recorder, Ill. Bro. Mike Clanfield 30° at This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.

peter moody 31

Peter Harborne

District Recorder
Ill. Bro. Peter D Moody 31°
Inspector General
V.Ill. Bro. Peter N I Harborne 33°