Talking Heads

‘Talking Heads’ come to Bucks

Following the very successful initiative in London, Bucks Provincial Grand Lodge and Provincial Grand Chapter, with the support of Metropolitan Grand Lodge have introduced 'Talking Heads' to the Province. This educational initiative is a key element within the "Initiation to Exaltation" Masonic journey. It introduces the Royal Arch (or Chapter) to new Master Masons as well as re-introducing the Order to others who have previously considered joining, and Companions who may still find it difficult to understand.

"Talking Heads" is a short playlet of an encounter between two lodge members; one an experienced Past Master (and Royal Arch Companion) and the other a Master Mason curious to know more. It covers the history of the Order, explanations of the regalia, links to the Craft, why the Royal Arch is the completion of pure Antient Freemasonry, the time and financial commitments involved in being a member, how to discover more and how to find a Chapter to join.

The encounter starts in the anteroom just outside the lodge room at a Craft meeting with the two brothers opening their cases and getting prepared for their meeting. It lasts about 40 minutes and covers questions ranging from idle curiosity "why is it a separate Order?" to more personal speculations such as "what is the Master Mason in the 21st century missing by not being a member of the Royal Arch?"

The 'playlet' is followed by a short Q&A session and in addition, the presentation Team circulate after the meeting to continue the discussion.

The team is available for presentation across the province and is ideal if a Lodge has little work or no ceremony to perform; there is no cost to the Lodge as all the team members pay there own dining, although they are always happy to nominate a charity should the lodge wish to make a donation. It affords a great opportunity to invite Masons that have yet to join Chapter or just wish to expand their masonic knowledge.

If you are interested in booking the team for your Lodge, details are available on or you can email Rob Chaproniere on This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.