Royal Arch Chapter

Whats it all about?

You will be aware that the Royal Arch or as its more commonly known ‘Chapter’ is not only an integral part of ‘Pure Antient Masonry’ as defined in the Book of Constitutions but is also the completion of your own personal journey in Freemasonry.

The Royal Arch will provide you with very special feelings of friendship and companionship as those who have already embraced the order will testify.

In the Craft you were presented with a series of practical principles and tenets by which to live your life and be of service to your fellow man. But we are not just practical beings, we all have an essential spiritual aspect to our nature. That spiritual nature is introduced to us in the third degree where we are led to contemplate our inevitable destiny, that then becomes the central message of the Royal Arch.

In Royal Arch masonry in the complete sense, you will be continuing your journey of self-knowledge and discovery.

As a Mason who is curious about what lies beyond the Craft you should naturally progress to the Royal Arch.

In the Royal Arch we are organised into Chapters, just as the Craft is organised into Lodges, most Chapters are attached to a Lodge and usually have the same name and number.

Although many Royal Arch Masons belong to a Chapter attached to their Craft Lodge, it is not a necessary condition. You can belong to any Chapter you choose provided you meet the requirements of being a “Master Mason of four weeks and upwards”, and are acceptable to the members.

John Keeble

Most Excellent Grand Superintendant

For further information contact the Royal Arch representative detailed on your Lodge summons or Contact