A special Christmas Message from the head of Freemasonry in Buckinghamshire 

2023 has been the busiest year ever in Buckinghamshire with so many new members joining us. In the 12 days of Christmas (12DX) event alone we have welcomed another 60 new members to enjoy the theatrical nature of our ceremonial, social activities, and of course the lifelong friendships that follow.

Now is the time to rest and spend time with your families.

This Christmas will be the second since the passing of my lovely mum. Christmas for our children has always been at Nan's house in Burnham and everything always stopped for the Queen's speech.

Things are very different now and we are learning to accept and embrace the change while still maintaining the wonderful spirit of Christmas as Mum would have wished.

Sarah and I are fortunate to be with our family during the festive period. We will be thinking of you all and although it’s natural for freemasons to look after others, I once again ask you to keep a watchful eye on those living alone or recently bereaved at this time. Please give them a call, invite them over, or just tap on the door, have a chat, or drop a card in the letterbox. Please make sure they are not lonely over this festive period and let the Provincial Almoner know via your lodge Almoner if anyone needs our help.

You and your families are the true spirit of Freemasonry in Buckinghamshire, and I am very proud of the great things you do.

Enjoy this festive time, relax, be merry and come back refreshed for some very exciting times in the new year.

Yours sincerely,

John Clark
Provincial Grand Master for Buckinghamshire
New Year, New You!
It's a Christmas wrap, guys!