Aprons Off: The Real Freemason

An insight into the life of a Freemason outside the masonic centre.

The Last Master Parchment Maker in the World
Name: Lee Mapley
Age: 43
Location: Newport Pagnell
Joined: 2014
Lodge: Manor of Swanburn

Lee works at William Cowley in Newport Pagnell as a traditional parchment and vellum maker. He creates products that may be found in libraries, municipal buildings, and museums all across the globe, including the United Grand Lodge of England and the Palace of Westminster.
"I use organic materials to create beautiful products that are perfect for writing on. We do not use toxic chemicals, but instead depend on hard labour, like others in my profession have for over 1000 years. When I'm making parchment or vellum. I am following in the footsteps of mediaeval artisans, and I am proud to be carrying on the legacy." 

Lee has grown confidence in public speaking throughout his 9 years as a Freemason, which has helped him in social situations. Lee first joined to discover more about the mysteries and history of Freemasonry because "it was intriguing, and I wanted to learn more." Lee said. He has remained for the companionship and the chance of raising funds for local charity.

If you would like to be part of a global community, that has its roots firmly in the ground in Buckinghamshire, please join us by following this link: https://buckspgl.org/joinAfter filling in the short form, our Membership Team will be in touch.  
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