Aprons Off: The Real Freemason

An insight into the life of a Freemason outside the masonic centre.

Name: Wade France
Age: 55
Location: Iver Heath
Joined: March 2022
Lodges: Concorde

Wade is a volunteer with the Spitfire Academy at Goodwood Airfield, responsible for organising briefings and assisting customers in strapping into Spitfires for flights over the Solent. He also prepares the aircraft for flight and turn them around between customers, refuelling and doing basic safety checks, ensuring passengers are safe during these brilliant experiences.

Wade's favourite aspect is Freemasonry's sense of community. Wade mentions how he likes "The charity and comradeship between Brothers and the striving to make their communities better places." Community is at the heart of Freemasonry, both in our own community and in the communities we strive to support. Many Freemasons such as Wade really enjoy giving charitable support to those communities who really need it.

Freemasonry has allowed Wade to gain a greater focus. It also allowed him a greater understanding of careers that are both similar and vastly different to his own, as Freemasonry has a huge range of personalities, experience and individuals. 

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