Aprons Off: The Real Freemason

An insight into the life of a Freemason outside the masonic centre.

Name: Rik Upjohn
Age: 37
Location: Staines
Joined: 2016
Lodge: Heatherden

Rik has been a drummer since 1998. He started while in secondary school, passing his Rockschool exam in 2001 with merit. 
Rik has been in a few bands over the years. In a previous band Rik was able to play for the Royal Household staff summer party at Windsor Castle playing 'Don't stop me now' by Queen for her late Majesty Queen Elizabeth. Rik is currently in a band playing hits from the 50s to the 90s and has played at many masonic functions. 

Rik's favourite aspect of Freemasonry is the strong sense of community that Freemasonry fosters. He feels a sense of camaraderie and happiness as a result of his membership in Freemasonry. In some ways, it is very much like living in a family, which is a wonderful sensation. Because of this, it inspires Rik to keep going and try to improve themselves. 

It has allowed Rik's confidence to significantly develop. It has made Rik a more confident person when dealing with colleagues and stakeholders. This has helped Rik to realise what is important in their life. It has also helped him in his band as he also now sings with the band while drumming.

Freemasonry will help improve your confidence significantly, to be comfortable publicly speaking and allow you to be adept in conversation, giving you that voice you never knew you had.

If you would like to be part of a global community, that has its roots firmly in the ground in Buckinghamshire, please join us by following this link: https://buckspgl.org/info
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