Buckinghamshire Freemasons celebrate 250 years as a province beneath the stars!

Saturday saw the 250th anniversary of the formation of the Province of Buckinghamshire. Formerly ot was part of a larger Province including Berkshire, Buckinghamshire and Winslowshire.
To celebrate this milestone, the Bucks Masons celebrated in style with a spectacular ceremony at the MK Dons Stadium of LED Light. Over 3.950 Freemasons from around the world travelled to see John Clark, Head of Buckinghamshire Freemasonry, ceremoniously kick off the meeting from the centre spot of the pitch. It was a record-breaking meeting, with the world's largest gathering of Buckinghamshire Freemasons in one place.
It seemed appropriate that it was also announced that the Province will have a new football-themed Lodge. Hall Stone United Lodge FC (Fellow Crafts). This new lodge will be peripatetic, will hold all of its meetings on indoor football pitches around the UK, all officers will wear referee and linesman uniforms, and the Head of the Lodge (WM) will be paid for his role from ticket sales generated at each meeting. It will also be founding a Women's Freemasonry equivalent lodge!
After the meeting attendees dined on Ginster pies, chips and gravy.

All in all, it was an unbelievable day for the Buckinghamshire Freemasons.

Onwards and upwards brethren!
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