Charity Walk in Association with the Royal Arch and the Craft

Please support this walk which demonstrates the indissoluble link between Royal Arch and Craft Freemasonry in Buckinghamshire.

Congratulations to Provincial Scribe E

Andrew Ludlow on his first appointment of Past Grand Standard Bearer and John Power on being promotion to Past Assistant Grand Sojourner.

First Principals Demonstration and Explanation

On 19th April 2024, Buckinghamshire First Principals Chapter No. 3305 demonstrated the ceremony of joining the Royal Arch with a narration explaining what was happening to a packed Chapter room of almost 80 Companions at Bletchley Masonic Centre.

The head of the Chapter John Stribling, assisted by Andrew Hunter, performed an excellent demonstration of the Exaltation ceremony, which is what happens when a new Companion continues their Masonic journey and joins the Supreme Degree of the Royal Arch.

To further enhance the meeting, the Project Transform Lighting and Music systems were utilised to dramatic effect by Tim Anders.

At various points throughout the meeting, the head of Royal Arch Masonry in Buckinghamshire, Graham Dearing, imparted many interesting facts and gave the origins of the various parts of the ceremony. Everyone left with an advancement in their Masonic knowledge.

Also at the meeting, Manor of Swanburn Chapter No. 8647 returned the travelling Altar of Companionship back to its starting place, having left 7 years earlier. It has been passed on between every Chapter in the Province and  it will now start another voyage for a second visit to each Chapter in Buckinghamshire.

If you are a Master Mason and want to join this colourful and fun degree then just ask your Lodge Secretary for details.

Life after the Lodge

Anna Baker Cresswell, founder and executive director of the charity HighGround, hosted Provincial Grand Master f

A jewel fit for a King

This First Grand Principal’s Jewel was made for Albert Edward, Prince of Wales, in 1874 by HT Lamb and Co, Londo

High hopes

Eastor Lodge members decided to set themselves the challenge of hiking up Ben Nevis, Scafell Pike and Snowdon ov

Discover More about the Royal Arch

The Discover More booklet, produced by Supreme Grand Chapter, is designed to introduce Master Masons and others

One Step Beyond the Craft

You may not realise that Freemasonry is made of a number of different 'Progressive Orders'. This series will explain these various Orders

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