Men Behind The Mystery

Harry Houdini

Harry Houdini, the Hungarian-born illusionist, is most commonly known for illusions such as his suspended straitjacket escape, buried alive trick, and the “Houdini Upside Down.” However, many people do not know the man behind the magician: Freemason Erich Weisz.

At age 17, he had become very interested in magic, following the work of magician Jean Eugene Robert-Houdin.  It was not overnight success for the young magician who named himself Houdini, adding an “i” to his beloved role model Houdin’s last name

Harry Houdini was initiated into St. Cecile Lodge in New York in 1923. He was proud to be a Freemason and even held a performance for the Scottish Rite Valley of New York. The event was attended by 4,000 people in the Scottish Rite Cathedral and raised money for Freemasons in need. Houdini is among a cohort of Masonic magicians like Harry Keller, Howard Thurston, and Harry Blackstone. Today, there is even an “Invisible Lodge” for Freemasons who wish to become magicians or learn about the artform.
Aprons Off: The Real Freemason
Aprons Off: The Real Freemason