On Friday, the historical Bulwers Lodge of Cairo changed its chairman, (the Worshipful Master) a ritual we call an "Installation" that takes place at the same time each year

This lodge is different from many, in that the brethren wear Fez's at the festive board and was founded overseas.

Bulwer Lodge of Cairo No 1068 was granted its Warrant on 7th June 1865. According to Grand Lodge records, their first meeting was Monday, 8th February 1865 - some four months earlier, for which no reason is recorded.

On 16th October 1895, a major fire broke out in the Lodge premises, destroying all the records and the Warrant of the Lodge. Most of the nearly-new furniture was also destroyed. It appears to be at this time, with the issue of the Warrant of Confirmation, that the "of Cairo" was inadvertently dropped from the name by the United Grand Lodge of England.

Further records were lost in 1956 when the Brethren were forced to leave Egypt during the Suez crisis. Many members had to flee for their lives. All of the Lodge furniture and most of its records, which were kept at the Temple, were sequestered by the Egyptian government and have, to this day, not been recovered.

Sir Henry Bulwer, later William Henry Lytton Earle Bulwer, Baron Dalling & Bulwer, was born in London on 13th February 1801. Following his education at Harrow and Downing College, Oxford, he joined the British Diplomatic Service. In 1824, he was sent to Morea, the southern most part of the Greek mainland, by the Greek community in London to finance their War of Independence.

In 1849, Bulwer was chosen as Ambassador to Washington, where he concluded the Clayton-Bulwer Treaty. This Treaty, also signed by John Clayton, Secretary of State of the U.S.A., provided a basis for what is now known as the Panama Canal to be built. It set out that neither power should have exclusive control over the canal, nor colonise any part of Central America but both would guarantee the protection and neutrality of the canal.

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On Friday, the historical Bulwers Lodge of Cairo c...

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