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You may not realise that Freemasonry is made of a number of different 'Progressive Orders'. This series will explain these various Orders and how they are linked.
Red Cross of Constantine
The full title of this Order is The Masonic and Military Order of the Red Cross of Constantine and the Orders of the Holy Sepulchre and of St John the Evangelist.
Meetings are held in conclaves.
Qualification for joining is that a candidate must be a Royal Arch Mason and believe in the Trinitarian Faith. The joining ceremony is called ‘Installation’. 
The regalia consists of a purple sash and a red cross breast jewel.
The Order is based on the conversion of Emperor Constantine to Christianity after seeing a sign from heaven in the form of a special cross. He directed that this cross should be worn on the armour of Christians in his army. A conclave of the knights of the order was formed whose members were the bodyguard of the sovereign. The candidate is admitted and obligated then made a Knight Companion where the history of the Order is detailed. There are two appendant ceremonies where the aims of Freemasonry are revealed.

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