Peter and St. Pauls' Lodge, No 1410. The Clergyman's Lodge.

The Lodge was consecrated in 1872 at the Anchor Hotel, Newport Pagnell, drawing its name from the local Parish Church. The founding members, friends and family of W Bro The Rev John Studholme Brownrigg, who took on the roles of Primus Master and Secretary, included four clergymen, three of whom served as Worshipful Master (WM) within the first four years.
After relocating six times for various reasons, it has found a permanent home at the Swan Revived hotel in Newport Pagnell.

The Lodge’s banner features the crossed keys of St. Peter on a lozenge, situated between two great pillars, symbolizing the Lodge's connection to its namesake saints. The banner includes several elements: the Lodge name and number in gilt lettering on a red background with gold edging, the all-seeing eye with irradiation, the date of consecration on a pale blue banner with gold edging, and the square and compasses open in the 3rd degree. The chequered pavement, heavy maul, level, plumb rule, and additional square and compasses are also depicted, indicating the Masonic virtues of balance, fairness, and integrity. These symbols are set against a royal blue background, bordered by blue and gold tassels, with cords and tassels in matching colours framing the sides.

If you would like to be part of a Freemasons' lodge like this and a global community that has its roots firmly in the ground in Buckinghamshire, please join us by following this link:
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