There's no let-up in the spirit of kindness throughout this season!

There have been a total of 18 new Freemasons created in Buckinghamshire through our 12DX initiative.
Brother Anton of Thames Mariner Lodge in Marlow, Brother Roberto of Brentham Lodge in Beaconsfield, Brother John of the Buckinghamshire Emergency Services Lodge in Winslow, Brothers Adam and Jonathan of Concordia Lodge in Aylesbury, and Brother Jack, of the Lilly Lodge of Richmond Lodge (the Bucks Cricket Lodge) in Beaconsfield were all recipients of the Gift of Freemasonry this week.

The new initiates began their incredible journey as Freemasons through their unique Initiation ceremonies and the masonic humour that was presented to them in the form of cricket stumps, firing glasses, hats, uniforms and masonic carrots... ☃️
They will undoubtedly be looking forward to the many ways in which they may learn about our history, our mysteries, and the numerous ways in which we help our community.
In the remaining 35 lodges, there are 44 more Freemasons to initiate before the season comes to a close. This means that there are many more magical moments waiting for us.

If you would like to talk to one of our team members about becoming a Freemason, just follow this link and fill out the short form:
There's just one way to go this winter!
12DX has now seen 14 new Freemasons made in Buckin...

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