Two Lodges, One Bond

This unique meeting was brought to fruition due to the Formula One Lodge’s hectic schedule and a shared connection: Terry Hall, who holds the esteemed position of Director of Ceremonies in both lodges.

Posted: 25 September 2023

Recently, a Second Degree ceremony marked a significant and memorable occasion as members of Formula One Lodge ( gathered to attend Spirit of Rugby Lodge, which had graciously agreed to host the ceremony for Carlo Trevison. . Situated in the picturesque town of Sittingbourne, Kent, the meeting unfolded within the welcoming confines of Spirit of Rugby Lodge.

Freemasons in the Lodge in their distinctive regalia


Spirit of Rugby Lodge, born in 2016, has experienced a remarkable journey, infusing various rugby-themed customs and traditions into its activities. The Lodge has established a distinct identity from adorning rugby hats during the festive board to substituting gavels with referee’s whistles. The departure of visitors and guests is likened to a rugby line-out, adding a touch of sporting flair to their gatherings. At the same time, a lively raffle contributed to the overall camaraderie.

Formula One Lodge proudly showcased their newly acquired baseball caps in the spirit of camaraderie and fraternity, embracing the unique blend of motorsport and Freemasonry. A splendid ceremony marked the evening, and the harmony that resonated between these two lodges exemplified their commitment to enriching the fraternal experience.

Freemasons wearing formula one hats


Formula One Lodge and Spirit of Rugby Lodge epitomise the essence of Special Interest Lodges, injecting a sense of purpose and enthusiasm into Freemasonry. Their dedication to preserving traditional Freemasonry while infusing them with their distinctive character makes them shining examples within the fraternity.

It was a night that will be remembered with pride and cherished for years to come, a testament to the enduring spirit of Freemasonry in all its diverse forms!


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