About the North East Corner Club

The North East Corner Club is a club for newer Masons of all ages, especially designed for light blue Freemasons across the Province of Buckinghamshire.

The club has two main objectives, developing new or newer Freemasons and retaining existing Freemasons. We achieve these objectives by running a lodge of the month every single month of the year and running a series of both educational and social events throughout the year.

Lodge of The Month

When you first join Freemasonry, experienced Freemasons will often tell you that visiting other lodges is one of the best and most enjoyable parts of freemasonry, these sentiments are shared by the North East Corner Club. In their early years in Freemasonry, some masons can find the thought of visiting a lodge on their own, daunting and often don’t know where to start. The Lodge of the month aims to facilitate a structured and easily accessible way of going visiting across the Province, with likeminded brethren, who are at a similar stage of their masonic journey. It helps newer Freemasons to expand their masonic network and also helps support the lodge that we visit every month. This monthly meeting also dovetails with the Passport Challenge which is another North East Corner Club initiative, where members get a dedicated North East Corner Club Passport, which they get signed by the Secretary of every centre across the province whenever they visit one our 16 different centres. Once a member has visited all the centres, they qualify for a limited edition set of North East Corner Club cufflinks. We firmly believe that visiting really is the lifeblood of Freemasonry and there is no better platform for light blue freemasons to explore the province than with like-minded individuals of the North East Corner Club.

Educational & Social Events

Throughout the year, the North East Corner Club runs a number of educational and social events, in 2020 we have educational events focusing on such diverse topics as The Holy Royal Arch, Masonic Etiquette, Learning Ritual and even dedicated North East Corner Club trip to Grand Lodge at Great Queen Street for Quarterly Communications. There is also a real social side to the club with a Summer Barbecue planned, our own North East Corner Club tables at our Provincial meeting in October and rounding off the year with a good old-fashioned curry night in December. This is a club where members grow their masonic network and make friends for life.


The best way of keeping up to date with the North East Corner Club is by downloading our dedicated smartphone app which now has over 500 users across the Province. To do that, please email your details to This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it. and we will send out the download details.

Social Media

Other ways to keep up-to-date with the club is to follow us on social media, we are on TeamApp, Facebook, Twitter and Instagram with details to each below: