Welcome to the North East Corner Club The NECC is open to all Buckinghamshire Masons.

We have a simple aim: Develop and retain.

We focus on newer Brethren, and wish to help them get the most from their early years in the Craft.

We will do this through a series of events designed, to inspire and enthuse. 

We encourage all more experienced Bucks Masons to join so they can pass on their wealth of experience to our newer Brethren.

We will bring together the newer Brethren and the more experienced to make a daily advancement in Masonic Knowledge.


The App can be loaded on IOS or Android smart Phones or accessed from a PC. The App has details of all our events, Breaking News, upcoming Ceremonies and useful Masonic Information, plus a whole lot more. 


Follow these steps: 

1. Download Team App from the Apple or Google Play app store.

2. Sign up to Team App. You will be sent an email to confirm your registration. 

3. Log into the App and search for "N.E.C.C.". 

4. Choose your applicable access group(s). 

5. If you don't have a smartphone, go to to sign up and view this App online.


Web site:


e-mail:       This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.

Programme for 2018 /19

  1. 25thJune - EA and FC night. The Eliot Hall Winslow. 7.30pm until 9.00pm
  2. 19thAugust – NECC Exhibitor at PSA testing in Bletchley.
  3. 29thSeptember – U.G.L.E. Museum visit and tour.
  4. 1stOctober – Lodge of the Month - St Martins Lodge No. 2812
  5. 22ndOctober – NECC members dining table at the Buckinghamshire Provincial Grand Lodge meeting.
  6. 15thNovember - Lodge of the Month - Bowen Lodge No. 2816 Lodge. A ceremony of raising [recommended for Master Masons and above].
  7. 17thNovember – Presentation on the links between U.G.L.E, Province and the Lodge. 
  8. March 2019 – White Table event - bring a non-Masonic friend.