Executive Responsibilities

The running of the Province covers a wide range of areas which are split between the members of the Provincial Executive. Many areas overlap so whilst the following list may assign a particular area to one person, in fact there is input from the whole team. One of the key strategic focus areas is our membership which has an overriding influence across the entire executive.

DPGM: V.W.Bro. Hugh Douglas-Smith PGSwdB

  • BMBF and BMCF
  • Provincial Statistics Target Setting and Monitoring
  • Provincial Directory Online, HeliPAD
  • Provincial Office
  • IT
  • Table Planning Rollout
  • Appointments and Promotions
  • Website Technical and Content Responsibility

APGM: W.Bro. Philip Blacklaw PSGD

  • Visiting Officers Scheme
  • Mentoring and Pathway
  • North East Corner Club
  • Quarterly Communications
  • Bucks Masonic Wanderers
  • 2021 Festival
  • University Scheme
  • Almoner

APGM: W.Bro. Tony Robinson PSGD

  • Freemasonry in the Community
  • Training and Development
  • Provincial Grand Officers Club
  • Addington APO Lodge
  • Concord Aviators Lodge
  • Masonic Centres
  • Fishing, Clay Pigeon, Golf and Bowls
  • Orator and Solomon
  • Gardens

APGM: W.Bro. Gary Brodie PSGD

  • Membership
  • Show Team
  • Events Team
  • Marketing Team
  • Facebook
  • Concord
  • Instagram and Twitter
  • Website Promotional Content

GSupt: W.Bro. Graham Dearing PSGD

  • Royal Arch

Prov GDC: W.Bro. Bill Smithson ProvGDC

  • Ceremonial
  • Demonstration Team