Bucks Masonic Wanderers

what is our Purpose?

The Bucks Masonic Wanderers (BMW) club was founded at the request of the Provincial Executive to assist those Lodges within Buckinghamshire whose membership may not be as large as they would wish.

By joining this club you can provide support through occasional visits to such Lodges so that their meetings and festive boards can benefit from improved attendance.

You can also, if willing and if requested by the Lodge to do so, take on a Lodge Office for the evening and assist them in their work.

New Members

If you would like to be a part of this Provincial initiative and become a member of the BMW Club, please contact Nigel Gough whose details are shown below.

Please note that members of the club are expected to pay for their own dining and travelling.

Please also note that membership is entirely voluntary and that you are not expected to respond positively to each and every invitation.  As with all things in Freemasonry you do what you are able to do as and when you are able to do it without detriment to yourselves or connections.

Lodges Seeking Assistance

If you are a Lodge which would benefit from the support of the BMW Club then please contact Nigel Gough whose details are shown below.

Please note that if you would like Members of the BMW Club to attend your meeting, it would be helpful if you could give at least 3 weeks notice of the time, date, place and business of the meeting in order that we can try and provide support for your Lodge.

Further Information

Following on from the success in the use of Facebook to communicate information on the North East Corner Club, it is hoped to develop a similar closed group for the BMW Club in the near future.

Darren Mantell

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m: 07879230344  |  t: 01483  222128 

Click here to download a form for requesting assistance