The Buckinghamshire Masonic Wanderers (BMW).

This initiative was introduced in 2009 and had some success and is now being relaunched. The support of the BMW group is always well received and appreciated in lodges, and its success entirely depends on the enthusiasm of brethren throughout the Province.

Many lodges are experiencing a drop in the numbers attending and being able to conduct their ceremonies. The BMW group can provide some much needed support to these lodges. Visiting is an important part of Masonry and I would encourage you to join the group and receive notifications of forthcoming meetings that would benefit from your attendance.

Supporting network for ALL Craft members, Lodges and Centres throughout our Province

The role and aim of the Bucks Masonic Wanderers, or BMW, is to help those Lodges, which, through no fault of their own, are low on numbers and require physical support, particularly at special meetings or on important occasions.

We have all attended meetings where it has been a bit thin on the square.

Or where a Lodge was holding a special meeting such as an Initiation, Lecture, White Table or receiving Visiting Dignitaries, etc...

Perhaps you're already part of a visiting group, or maybe you're a Brother sitting at home, wondering 'what's going on' elsewhere in the Province? You may just fancy a night out at a different centre that you have not had the opportunity to visit before, or the chance to meet new Brethren and friends.

BMW is here to help and support the whole Province

If you are a Lodge that requires physical support; or a Brother who would like to register with BMW as a Wanderer:

Contact details:

Darren Mantell

This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.
m: 07879230344  |  t: 01483  222128



Naturally, BMW members/visitors would be expected to pay for their own dining/travelling.

Join us and support Buckinghamshire Lodges and make new friends