The Orator’s Role

March 2015

  • To increase the understanding of and interest in the symbolism and deeper meaning contained in the Craft ritual.

  • To visit Lodges in the Province on invitation and deliver Orations from the series approved by UGLE.

  • To facilitate and stimulate a discussion in the Lodge room where and when appropriate.

  • To answer questions which may arise and to follow up on any that cannot be answered on the night.

  • To inspire members to look further into the meaning for themselves.

  • To manage, as appropriate, a small team of assistants and ensure that they follow the protocols and standards of the scheme.

  • To be the representative of the scheme in the Province and to wherever possible find occasion to promote it to a wider audience.

  • To keep a record of activity and feedback to the Province provide when requested.

  • To attend conferences and meetings which may be convened in the Province and wherever and whenever possible find occasions to promote it to a wider audience.