Provincial Grand Registrar

Autumn / Winter 2016

As many of you will know I handle some of the paperwork secretaries have to complete and return to the Provincial office.

The accuracy of our records is dependent on the information we receive so please consider the following:

  • When joining or initiating a new member please ensure all of the form P is completed and returned promptly with a payment (for initiates)made out to United Grand Lodge of England and signed by two signatories. Grand Lodge will no longer accept cheques signed by one person.
  • At present the fee for initiates in Bucks is £68.40 but this may change on January the first 2017.
  • You will be informed if this is the case.
  • If the new member does not live or work in the province, a clearance should be sort form the provincial office of the county in which he lives (Rule 158) this can usually be done by email.
  • Once the brother has completed his third degree please apply for his GL certificate by submitting a completed LP&A5 form the details of which should match his registration form .
  • If a joining member clearance certificates should be sought from any unit he has ever belonged to unless erased.
  • Please ensure joining members use their correct full names or as on their original registration at initiation. Any deviations will generate paperwork and may result in their GL certificate needing to be returned for alteration.
  • There is no up front charge for normal joiners but there may be a fee for foreign members who should also provide clearance certificates from their lodges overseas.
  • When registering a change of status (resigned, excluded, made Hon member, deceased) or details (address, phone number, email) please only use the new style BP1 form online which may be found at 
  • If still in arrears on leaving your lodge please state how much is owed on the form .
  • If there are reasons for a change of status please add them to the form as this information may be forwarded to the retention team or Prov. Almoner .
  • Please be aware of all of your Hon. members and report their changes as well .
  • Lodge installation returns should be completed and returned promptly after the installation along with the LP4 form .
  • Please note any absent officers not installed at the meeting and do inform me when they have been at a future meeting.
  • Please do not put brothers in to office who are not members of the lodge, if a joiner or initiate please supply a completed form P and payment if required.

AR1 Grand Lodge return

Please check your AR1 form carefully and return a copy with your payment made out to Grand Lodge (with two signatures) and return to the provincial office.

If you find you are paying for brothers who are no longer members by all means cross them off but please supply a completed BP1 form for them as well.

Provincial dues

As many of you are aware we had some issues generating the provincial bills from Adelphi 2 this year, Grand Lodge assure me this is all fixed.

The bills are sent out at the beginning of July and will be sent by email to lodge secretaries and treasurers.

Please make sure you inform me if you change your email address and if you cant open the bill or don't have email we can send you a paper copy just call the office on 01494670194

Please remember we are here to help!

Graham Thorn

(PG Reg Bucks)

Please note: Without question, e-mail is the ideal way to communicate with the Provincial office. It would be appreciated if you would always include your lodge name in the subject header.  Also all communications, especially Annual and Installation Returns to UGLE, should be sent via the Provincial Office as this secures a copy in the office and a record of posting to UGLE.