Provincial Grand Registrar

From behind the desk of W.Bro Warren Gell

Provincial Grand Registrar

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On 26th October 2020 I was appointed by the Provincial Grand Master as Provincial Grand Registrar.

My role is to record and upkeep the database run by UGLE which is known as Adelphi2. This includes the registration of new and joining members as well as changes of address, details or status. My role also extends to processing the UGLE and Provincial Installation and Annual Returns.

The accuracy of our records can only be as good as the information received.

I would ask all Lodge Secretaries to be particularly careful when completing the various official forms sent to them to ensure the quality of the data held.

It is extremely important that all forms are completed in a consistent way. At the beginning of a freemason’s journey Form P, the Registration Form, must be completed. It is essential that this form contains the exact name (including middle names) of the candidate, the correct address, occupation and date of birth. I also need to be provided with phone numbers and an email address for ongoing communication purposes. This data will be used as the basis for a freemason’s whole journey. If any information is changed you can notify me electronically using the on-line Form BP1 and I can update the system. We also now have HeliPAD which I administer. This is a way of changing your personal data directly and will ensure better communication.

Annually, the Lodge Secretary will receive an Annual Return from UGLE and one from the Provincial Office, on behalf of the Province. It is essential that both of these forms are checked and returned to me at the Provincial Office with the appropriate annual payment. No forms should be sent directly to UGLE. Payment can be made by cheque or by bank transfer.

After each Installation Meeting the UGLE (LP&A4) as well as the Provincial Installation Form should be completed and returned to me at the Provincial Office. This will enable me to update the database held on each Lodge and to record who holds the various Lodge Officers. It is vital that this is returned within 7 days of the meeting to ensure that the list of officers is up to date.

Each year we are able to provide more forms on-line and this is certainly the way forward. There are, however, a number of documents which we still require a physical hard copy bearing a signature on such as the Installations Returns and the UGLE Annual return.

Communication by email is the best way to contact me. Please ensure that your Lodge name and number is included in the header of your email to save any confusion. I am in the office only once a week but look at my emails constantly throughout the day. You can always try my mobile if the query is pressing and cannot be emailed. My number is 07909 798212. Thank you.