Members Development

Welcome to the Members Development section of the website.
This section covers 'pure antient freemasonry' as we find defined in the Book of Constitutions, and so covers both the Craft and the Royal Arch.

Our aim is to support the growth of Masonic understanding and practice in the Province of Buckinghamshire.
Most Masons have little real idea about Freemasonry when they are first initiated, their knowledge develops as the years progress. This development can vary from the ad hoc to the quite highly structured. Our aim is to support the provision of a 'gold standard' of Masonic development, aiding the journey of self-improvement started at initiation in order to help and support Masons to achieve the life enhancing benefits that a true understanding can bring.
The Members Development activities range from a Mason's early days through to taking 'Office' in the Craft and also the Royal Arch.
We provide technical support for other specific activities not directly under our remit such as the North East Corner Club, Combined Lodges of Improvement, Charity Steward and Almoner seminars
Specific programmes directly managed by the Group exist for those in or taking Office in their Lodges or Chapters so take a look at what's on offer and ask yourself the question "Would I benefit from taking advantage of the activities of the Members Development Group" - if the answer is yes – get in touch with us via the Provincial Office and we will help you make the right decisions.