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The Lodge Director of Ceremonies Role

The DC should have a love of ritual.
As his title implies, his function is to direct the ceremonial aspects of our meetings.

Director of Ceremonies Workshops

Autumn/Winter 2017

The workshops are targeted at current DCs and ADCs in both the Craft and the Royal Arch. They would also be of benefit to any Brother or Companion who aspires to such a role in the future, or indeed any Brother wishing to expand his Masonic knowledge.

Apart from a small section at the end of the workshops, they are not Craft or Royal Arch Chapter specific and therefore DCs from other Masonic Orders may also find the workshops useful.

Craft and Chapter DCs are experienced Masons who, among other things, are charged with enhancing members' and visitors' enjoyment of meetings by:

Following established procedures.
Preserving the dignity of proceedings.
Managing 'ritual standards'.

The established procedures in each Craft Lodge or Chapter are not rigid mandated standards, but tend to be a mixture of:

Formal procedures laid down by Grand Lodge and Supreme Grand Chapter.
Recommendations from 'Province'.
Ways of working decided upon by Lodge or Chapter founders and senior members.

The two part workshops are run by experienced DCs and are aimed at guiding Craft Lodge and Chapter DCs in their role, rather than instructing in specific methods of working. They are not 'How to do it.........' but rather 'Have you thought about........' The sessions are designed to assist and support those Brethren and Companions who wish to develop their knowledge and skills, and to address any queries relating to the role of the Director of Ceremonies or indeed Craft Lodge or Chapter working in general.

It is extremely unlikely that there are any two Lodges or Chapters that operate identically, and in any case, appreciating differences is part of the pleasure of visiting. Nevertheless, feedback indicates that the Workshop Facilitators and indeed fellow delegates have many useful suggestions which are worth considering.

The marketing slogan could be "a must for all DCs", but a more disciplined appraisal would be "an enjoyable discussion among friends about the mechanics of Freemasonry".

What the Brethren have said:

I found that we all share similar problems.......'
I think the most important thing to come out of the DCs' workshop was the pooling of ideas, from both presenters and attendees............'
Very informative. I learnt some new 'tricks'; even after being in the job for many years'
My second year of attending the DC workshops, it's just invaluable. It is challenging and good ideas flow with different approaches to planning and problem solving'
As a new boy; a very informative and nice atmosphere'

This programme is managed by the Members Development Group and run by the Buckinghamshire Deputy DCs' Club whose membership covers those who are, or have been, Provincial Deputy DCs in either the Craft or Chapter.

The next two part programme will be held at Bletchley and Slough Masonic Centres in 2018 and the dates will be published when finalised. The workshops normally start at 9.00 am with tea and coffee and are usually finished by 12.30 pm.

For more information, contact the Provincial Office

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