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Bro. Mentors,

Let me know when you have an Initiate.

At the Bucks Provincial Grand Lodge Meeting I was Invested as Provincial Grand Mentor and I would like to share some of my views on Mentoring with you.

I see our main role as ensuring new Brethren are brought into the Craft in a way which confirms to them that they have made the right choice in joining this wonderful institution. This means making sure their Initiation is one of the highlights of their lives.

We should then be helping to develop and maintain their interest in their Lodge and the Craft in general. Luckily, we have a wealth of material and people to help with this. I have added various documents to the Provincial Bookcase which will aid you in your important role of Mentor.

You will receive regular updates on Mentoring from me and I am there to support you, your Lodge, and your new members. To help me do this I would ask you to inform me when you have an Initiate. I will then do all I can to attend that meeting and help you welcome your candidate into Freemasonry.

One of the most effective ways of retaining members is involving them in the North East Corner Club. You are now the Lodge Champion of the NECC and I see the enrolling of Initiates into the NECC as a prime function of the Lodge Mentor. 

Finally, we should work closely with the Royal Arch representative within our Lodges to ensure new Master Masons are encouraged to complete their journey in Freemasonry.

I look forward to meeting with you as I visit your Lodges and centres. Please do not hesitate to contact me should you need any help.

Our priorities

  1. Induct, Develop, Retain and Sustain.

  2. Mentor the Lodge through The Pathway

  3. Use the Provincial support material and teams to benefit the Lodge.

  4. Be a champion of the North East Corner Club

The following is available from the Mentoring section of the Bucks PGL website Bookcase
or the Provincial Grand Mentor via This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.

Induct, Develop and Retain

  1. Mentoring Handbooks

  2. How to use Mentoring Handbooks

  3. Ideal Mentoring structure

  4. Interviewing and Induction guidelines.

  5. NECC Pack which consists of:-

Opening Ode/Closing Ode card

Etiquette Leaflet

NECC Passport

Team APP registration guide

NECC lapel pin

Upcoming Ceremonies list

Don’t Wait to be asked leaflet and Envelope.

  1. Solomon

Solomon is a Learning and development portal which leads to a wealth of Masonic information. This will be invaluable to you in your new role. https://solomon.ugle.org.uk/login/ I strongly recommend you check it out and bring it to the attention of all your EAs, FCs and Light Blues as a minimum.

Hard copies of the Handbook and NECC pack can be obtained from the Provincial Grand Mentor via This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it. Your aim should be to present the NECC pack and first part of the Handbook to Candidates on the day of their Initiation. Further Handbooks slot into the Binder as each degree is reached. The binders can be purchased by the Lodge from Amazon https://smile.amazon.co.uk/dp/B00AO5S1OI

Mentor the Lodge through the Pathway.

Pathway is a series of processes designed to help weaker Lodges grow and stronger Lodges maintain their progress. This link will take you to the UGLE site which contains the Membership area and all things Pathway https://b.ugle.org.uk/membership I recommend you visit the site, register and see what is available.

I would be very happy to attend a Lodge meeting LOI or GPC meeting to explain what Pathway is and outline the Mentoring structure should you wish me too. Pathway is so large that an overview presentation often helps a Lodge to start the process.

Provincial Support Material

This has been developed to help you grow Individuals and the Lodge. It is all provided free and is organic in nature such that new items are constantly being added as it evolves. It is there for you to use. Don’t wait to be asked.

Concord is a valuable tool to get information out to Lodges and prospective Candidates, there will therefore be a regular Mentoring article in Concord. This will include best practice from around the Province so if you have something that works well for you let me know and let’s share it for the benefit of others.

Finally, I will be running regular Mentoring get togethers at all major Centres where small groups of Lodge Mentors can meet in an informal atmosphere to share their experiences and also to let me know what you need.

I visit many Lodges during the course of the year. From October I will be concentrating on visiting Lodges carrying out Initiation ceremonies rather than Installation meetings and I would like you to accompany me on some of these visits. It will give us chance to get to know each other and I am sure learn from the many great Lodges we have in the Province. Who knows we may even be able to get a few of your newer Brethren to visit with us.

John King

Provincial Grand Mentor

This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.

Tel: 07740 166305