The Lodge Secretary's Role

The Secretary has hands-on daily administration of all matters connected with the smooth running of the Lodge. He is effectively the conduit between Grand Lodge, Provincial Grand Lodge and your Lodge.

He receives the mail addressed to the Lodge, and submits the returns detailing the membership, ceremonies conducted, and matters associated with the day-to-day affairs of the Lodge. These include sending Installation Returns and changes of membership detail to the Provincial Office.

Normally a Secretary holds the post for a number of years, providing continuity and experience for successive Masters.

It is the Secretary’s duty to organise the summonses and distribute them. Should you have any problems or queries with regard to Freemasonry an experienced Secretary should be able to advise you.

Every year the Secretary receives a copy of the Masonic Year Book from Grand Lodge and the Year Book of Provincial Grand Lodge. He holds these publications on behalf of the Lodge and they are available to all members at any time.

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