Members Development Update

Our Aim

"To provide the enquiring Masonic mind with information and motivation, thereby encouraging a deeper understanding of the role and organisation of the Fraternity".

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Due to the close link between the Craft and the Royal Arch, it has been decided to combine the role of Education and Members Development for both Orders under the responsibility of one individual. Due to his professional background and continuing work in the Craft over a number of years, W. Bro. Peter Moody AsstProvGM has been selected to fulfil the role and will more fully integrate much of the development work currently being undertaken.

Programmes Available

The programme of workshops for Directors of Ceremonies, ADCs and those aspiring to those Offices has now collected most of those currently in Office in the 'Craft', but still has a way to go for those in the Royal Arch as well as those aspiring to the 'Office'. These workshops are now held on an annual basis dependent on demand and the programme for next year will be published in the New Year and also under the "Directors of Ceremonies" and "Secretaries and Scribe E" tabs at the same time.

Details of the several combined Lodges/Chapters or Classes of Instructions being held around the Province are now set out on their own page under the "Members' Development" tab. These groups offer advice and encouragement on the ritual and floor-work used within the Lodge/Chapter rather than the more general managerial support available from the other workshops and seminars on offer. Some of the groups have been operating effectively at their Masonic Centres for many years, but are now included here to provide a complete picture of the support available to our members in all aspects of Lodge and Chapter life.

The aims of the North East Corner Clubs (NECC) and Combined LofIs have much in common and so have been integrated at some of our Centres. Further news on this is published regularly or, for the latest news, call one of the Centre NECC leaders.

Royal Arch News - Seminars for Scribes E and Directors of Ceremonies are now incorporated with the Craft programmes and cover generic issues with Chapter specifics dealt with in 'break out' sessions'

Within the Craft, there are now three core programmes on offer:

The first is targeted at Masters Elect/Senior Wardens and the delivery team has been expanded to include a larger nucleus of experienced Past Masters to fully develop and enhance the programme.

The second is for Directors of Ceremonies and their teams (Preceptors, Assistant DCs) including those aiming to take on such offices in the future.

The third is for Lodge Secretaries, aimed at Secretaries, Assistant Secretaries and aspiring Secretaries, together with Scribes E from the Royal Arch.

Going forward, all these programmes will be held at both the Slough and Bletchley centres and they normally start at 9.00 am with tea and coffee and are usually finished by 12.30 pm.

An additional programme for Treasurers and those aspiring to the role is currently being developed and details will be published shortly.

Specialist programmes also exist for newer Masons in North-East Corner Clubs, for Lodge Almoners (under the Guidance of the Provincial Grand Almoner) and for Charity Stewards (under the guidance of the Provincial Grand Charity Steward) – for content and dates please refer to the separate NECC, Almoner and Charity Steward web pages under the main "Members' Development" tab or contact the Provincial Officers directly.

The Provincial Grand Mentor has now produced a holistic programme aimed at helping all Lodge Mentors to fulfil the needs of their Lodge members. The Members' Development Group will also support the teams delivering this important initiative and details of next year's workshop programme will be published in the New Year.

The Members' Development Group aims to assist and support those hard-working volunteers who are increasing, still further, our opportunities for making a daily advancement. If you would like to get involved in assisting with the delivery of any of the programmes, please contact W. Bro. Peter Moody AsstProvGM.

All the programmes focus on advancing Freemasonry in the 21st Century, and are critically directed towards a greater and more meaningful understanding of our Ancient Institution.