Buckinghamshire Stewards Lecture Team

Demonstration by the Buckinghamshire Provincial Grand Stewards Lodge of the First and Second Degree Lectures

The Provincial Grand Stewards Lodge have a team of members who are available to appear at Lodges and demonstrate parts of the First or Second Degree Lecture in Emulation workings. This can be as well as but more usually instead of a ceremony.

The Lecture is based on a series of Lectures worked and approved by the Emulation Lodge of Improvement.

Each degree is divided into different sections and which of these are demonstrated will depend on what the Host Lodge wishes and availability of members. The Lecture is usually scheduled to last approximately 1 Hour.

Following a successful premier performance at The Buckinghamshire Stewards Lodge meeting in May 2008 the Team has been extended and can now offer to demonstrate parts of the Second Degree Lecture.

The Lectures provide considerable background information and explanation to the First and Second Degrees. For those who have not observed the Lecture before this is informative and could be considered to constitute a daily advancement in masonic knowledge. For junior brethren the demonstration is particularly beneficial.

The Team usually consists of between 10 and 14 members together with a Lecture Master. The Lecture is delivered in catachetical form, i.e a series of questions and answers.

The Team charges no fee for attending but does ask the host Lodge to either contribute towards the dining costs of the Team or make a donation.

There is no minimum number for a meeting however you may choose to extend invitations to other lodges to ensure a good attendance.

The Team have delivered the First Degree Lecture in various parts of the Province as well as London and are available to attend Lodges, but advance booking is essential.

If your Lodge has an empty slot in their programme for the coming season and wish to request a visit from the Demonstration Team then contact This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it. or Tel 01296 425770.