Membership Matters

In Buckinghamshire we have a team of dedicated individuals who telephone anyone who has resigned from the Craft.

We conduct a short interview with each to ascertain their reasons for leaving and to see if anything can be done to assist these brethren. This small team has now been running since December 2013 and has made over 200 phonecalls to date. Some interesting data has been collected which we will publish in due course. 

What is interesting is that out of the 200 or so calls we have around 35 members who have shown some interest in returning to the province and possibly joining another lodge.

The project which was started in early 2014 under the remit of John Clark Assistant PGM was piloted by Tony Carter, Gary Fraser and Richard Lewis.

The team which is now headed up by Paul Lear are Tony Carter, Gary Fraser, Jeff Sirrell and James Blackhurst.


Watch this space for more interesting developments!!