Aims and Objectives

Buckinghamshire Masonic Benevolent Fund

During the year ended 30th May 2014 the Benevolent Fund has been able to add to the quality of life for of many of our members or their dependants – over £56,000 has been administered to Buckinghamshire Freemasons and their dependants. This sum has been made available from the interest raised on our investments.

Additionally seventy five people attached to the Province of Buckinghamshire received assistance totalling £275,920 from the four Masonic Charities. This Province is most grateful of this tremendous support afforded to our Brethren and their dependants.

Aims and Objectives

The fund has the objective of relieving distress by means of outright grants, annuities or other periodical payments or loans for or towards:

The maintenance, clothing and education of necessitous children of necessitous or deceased Freemasons.
The vocational training and advancement of such children after leaving school.
The relief of Freemasons and their children and their wives and the widows of deceased Freemasons, all of whom are in necessitous circumstances.
The relief of relations (other than wives, widows and children) who are dependent upon Freemasons, or who were dependant on deceased Freemasons when the state of the fund permits without prejudicing prior claims under paragraphs a, b and c of this rule.
The funds of this or other similar organisation whose activities further any objects set out under paragraphs a to d of this rule.

‘Freemasons’ means those Brethren who are, or have been, subscribing members of a Lodge, Chapter or other Masonic Society in the Province of Buckinghamshire.

Advice and Applications

The first point of contact is your Lodge Almoner. If you do not have those contact details, the Provincial Grand Almoner or one of the regional Assistant Provincial Almoners contact details can be obtained by calling 07947 875664.

Phil Blacklaw

Provincial Grand Almoner

March 2015