Teddies for Loving Care (TLC) Bucks has a new Team!

Teddies for Loving Care (TLC) Bucks has a new Team!


“Teddies for Loving Care” is an exclusive Masonic initiative across England and Wales, supported by the Masonic Charitable Foundation
Bucks TLC aim is to deliver teddy bears to Children's A & E Departments across Buckinghamshire whose hospitals include, Milton Keynes University Hospital, Stoke Mandeville, and Wexham Park Hospitals, we also respond to requests from children's hospices.
The aim of the teddy is to help reduce the feelings of loneliness and distress of children in an unfamiliar environment. Once discharged the children take the teddy home with them.
For every £50 that is raised by Freemasons, 23 teddies can be bought. Over 3.5 million teddies have so far been distributed.
If you would like to make a donation, please follow this link: https://my.mtr.cool/vmemcjnbqw

Buckinghamshire has a new team in place who will be championing TLC.
They are Paul Halfhide, Andrew Mais, Peter Carter, Phil Drye, John Waller, and Danny Peacock who are all eager to raise the profile of Bucks TLC.
Danny and Andrew who are both members of Cestreham Lodge, have a twin bungee jump lined up for early 2023, so please sponsor them for their brave endeavours on behalf of TLC. :)
The team are looking forward to running many other fund raising events throughout the year so please look to support them if you can.

In the new year why not make a commitment to help others in your community? By joining the Buckinghamshire Freemasons, you will meet many people that are already making a real difference. We come from all walks of life and are the most open and inclusive organisation you will find. Follow the link, fill in the short form, and one of our team will make contact. https://my.mtr.cool/izvkfugirc


£20,000 donation to Willen Hospice

On the 10th of November 2022, 43 Buckinghamshire Freemasons arrived at Willen Hospice in Milton Keynes for a truly inspirational open evening.

willen hospice 20k 1200x1200 1

The guests heard about how the hospital used the donations that it had previously received, and the impact on the hospice. This was a rare opportunity for Freemasons to gain an understanding of that aspect of their charitable work, one attendee commented how truly enlightening and educational the whole evening was.
After the presentations by representatives of Willen Hospice, the Buckinghamshire Freemasons announced a new donation of £20,000 to the Hospice. The money came from 9 lodges, which each gave £1,000, which was then match-funded by the Masonic Charitable Foundation to £20,000, and the Head of Freemasonry in Buckinghamshire donated the final £1,000 from his discretionary fund.
The head of charity for the Buckinghamshire Freemasons said; “I count myself truly privileged to be able to see those happy and often tearful faces, I came away very fulfilled and collectively proud of the lodges within our Province who made that happen.”
You can find out more about Willen Hospice here: https://www.willen-hospice.org.uk/

Mats All Folks!

At the start of 2022, the Bucks Masonic Centenary Fund donated over £12,500 to local organisations and individuals.

buckingham judo 12 2

The Buckinghamshire Masonic Centenary Fund was established in 1991 to aid non-Masonic charitable causes with strong Buckinghamshire connections. The Fund makes donations to these causes on behalf of the 3000 Buckinghamshire Freemasons, who are the sole source of its financial support.

Buckingham Judo Club was one organisation that benefited from the grant. The donation enabled them to provide 80 sq meters of new matting for use by the community in Buckingham.

Chairman of the club, Vance Godfrey, explained how important these mats were to young people, “The mats have enhanced the dojo that we have, it has provided a safe space for young people to exercise, socialise and gain a sense of belonging. We are very grateful to Buckinghamshire Freemasons for the donation of £2,000, which, along with our own funds raised through sponsorship from local businesses and charity events, allowed us to purchase these specialist mats. In 2023 we will build on this by reaching out with our fund raising to provide specialist one on one trainers for neurodiverse children.”

buckingham judo 1

The dojo is now in full use and many more people can enjoy the space. Ewan Gordon, member of Verney Lodge based in Buckingham, visited the dojo with Phil Blacklaw, a member of Buckinghamshire Freemasons Executive team, and both were impressed with what they saw. Ewan said, “It is wonderful to visit the club and see their new dojo mats in use. I was particularly impressed how the club encourages children with learning difficulties and disabilities to take part in their sessions.” Phil added, “With our help, these young people of all capabilities can now learn about the principles of the club and gain the necessary skills of working together, respecting authority, patience, dedication, self-reliance, controlling emotions and personal fitness.”

Buckinghamshire Freemasons wish the young people of Buckingham many years of enjoyment in their club activities.

Buckingham Judo Club Logo

A lifelong Appreciation of Music Starts Here

At the start of 2022 the Bucks Masonic Centenary Fund donated over £12,500 to local organisations and individuals.

Freemasons in Buckinghamshire raise £2,118,531 for local and national charities

On Friday 5th August, Les Hutchinson, CEO of the Masonic Charitable Foundation, announced the receipt of a charitable donation of £2,118,531 from John Clark, the head of Freemasonry in Buckinghamshire.

Freemasons supporting over a million people with mental health issues

To help more than 1.4 million people experiencing mental health issues, Freemasons are donating more than £550,000 to help citizens across the UK.

An image of a spa bath

A Buckinghamshire Freemasons Donation to the Florence Nightingale Hospice Charity

In 2020, Buckinghamshire Freemasons were approached to assist the Florence Nightingale Hospice at Stoke Mandeville Hospital; donating £5,000 to help patients experience a spa experience.

Freemasons support Homeless Charities


Having donated £1m between April and July to help those impacted by the Covid-19 crisis, Freemasons are now focusing on protecting the homeless, with a new series of donations across England and Wales.

Virtual tour of the new Thames Hospice for fundraising groups

New Thames Hospice
Here is a video by Thames Hospice to show those that have donated what their money is being spent on.

Great Sadness in Buckinghamshire

It is with great sadness that I write to inform you of the passing of Rt.W. Bro Eric Deung, Past Provincial Grand Master of the Province of Buckinghamshire from 1993 to 1998 and Most Excellent Grand Superintendent of the Royal Arch in Buckinghamshire from 1991 to 1998.