John King

Assistant Provincial Grand Master

Personal Details

John King was born in Perth, Scotland, in 1954. He moved to Bradford two years later, and then to Leeds in the 1980s. In 1994, he moved to Little Horwood in Buckinghamshire. He is married to Chris, and has one son, who is a Financial Adviser at a debt charity in Leeds. John and Chris have enjoyed boating on the Thames since 1994 and, when not on the river, sea cruises and Spain complete their leisure time.

Career Details

After a short spell in the Accounts Department of a family owned retailer, John began a career with  Post Office Telephones in 1971. After several administrative roles, he moved into Sales and Marketing, rising to General Manager of Global Banking Services. John was responsible for the Sales, Marketing, Delivery and Maintenance of Banking and Credit Card Communications networks around the world. During this time he completed a Master of Arts Degree in Business Management at Universities in England, Canada, Japan, Korea, India and France; his final paper was used by Lancaster University as a model to help other students complete their degrees. Finally, he became Director of Customer Operations for a BT and AT&T joint venture company, providing Global Communications Networks for the companies top 100 customers. Now retired, he is a full time Freemason.

Masonic CV


  • Initiated into Claydon Lodge No. 9178 in October 2004. Became Master in 2012 and Secretary & Mentor in 2014.
  • Joined Notarius Lodge No. 9662 in 2014.
  • Joined Bucks Masters Lodge No. 3305 in 2018.
  • Leader of the North East Corner Club 2018.
  • Provincial Senior Grand Deacon 2018.
  • Provincial Grand Mentor 2019.
  • Joined Addington Lodge No. 2683 in 2019.
  • Assistant Provincial Grand Master 2022.

Royal Arch

  • Exalted into Wineslai Chapter 2007.
  • MEZ in 2018.
  • joined Bucks First Principles in 2019.
  • Provincial Grand Steward 2020.