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Bill Smithson

Provincial Grand Director of Ceremonies

Personal Details

Born in London, Bill moved to Buckinghamshire before starting school in Stoke Mandeville and then later educated at Aylesbury Grammar School. Married to Sue, they have three children and have lived in Haddenham for 20 years. Bill loves travelling and cooking and once upon a time was a decent golfer, but is now a keen rugby spectator who also enjoys all sports. Bill has worked in the Building Industry since leaving school, working through the ranks to Construction Director of a Regional Housebuilder, before starting his own company in 2006. His proudest achievement, winning design awards for some of the projects his company has built.

Masonic Biography

Craft Initiated in to Haddenham Lodge no.8944 in December 2006, going through all the offices to become WM in March 2013.
Joined Bucks Masters no.3305 and Bucks Stewards no.9222 in 2014
Founding Member of Classic Car Lodge no.9945 in 2017
Consecrating Officer and Honorary Member of Nomadic Lodge no.9978 in 2019
Joined Marcellians no.4450 in 2019


Appointed Provincial Grand Steward 2014
Promoted to Provincial Senior Grand Deacon 2016
Promoted to Deputy Provincial Grand Director of Ceremonies 2018
Promoted to Provincial Grand Director of Ceremonies 2020

Advanced into Haddenham Mark Master Mason no. 1629 in 2012

Exalted into Provincial Grand Stewards Chapter no.9222 in December 2015

Since 2016 Bill has been involved in co ordinating some of the major events in the Province.
The Windsor Raceday Tercentenary Celebrations in 2017
The MCF Mid Festival Fortnight, culminating in the Mid Festival Ball in 2019
The Provincial Grand Lodge Meeting in 2019