John Clark

Provincial Grand Master

Personal Details

John Clark was born in Buckinghamshire in 1961 and married to Sarah in 1995. They have three children Charlotte, Jack and David. They consider themselves lucky to have a wonderful, healthy and happy family. Always up for some adventure they all ski, ride quad bikes and motorbikes and enjoy outdoor activities and have recently started taking part in Overland events into the Sahara Desert.

Career Details

Transport and Road Research Laboratory at Crowthorne 1979 (Assistant Scientific Officer) assisting in early research into traffic algorithms currently used on our roads by maintaining an Automatic Incident Detection site in Bedfordshire. After a short period work at Heathrow went on to train as a service engineer for Herbert Weighing Systems in Suffolk rising from Engineer to Supervisor and then setting up a Technical Support Department before moving on to sales. In 1987 setting up his own business in the weighing machine industry and over the following twenty years has developed three small businesses the first being a label manufacturing business based in Aylesbury and also a Machine Vision Company also based in Aylesbury and together with a web design company. He is also employed as a consultant by many of the leading cheese companies in the UK and is currently involved the design, build and development of a new green field site cheese factory for Mink Link in Malpas in Cheshire.

Masonic Biography

  • Joined Freemasonry to spend time with his father and godfather. Initiated into Five Points Lodge No 8197 by his Father in February 1988. Becoming Master in 1993 and subsequently DC and Secretary.
  • Joined Marcellians Lodge No 4450, 12th May 1989. Installed as Worshipful Master 14th May 1993 by his God Father W. Bro. Noel Mortimer in place of his Father who had died a year or so before. Becoming Lodge Secretary from May 1996-2001, Master again 2003 and finally returning to the Secretaries role to bring this London Lodge into the Province of Bucks in 2006.
  • Joined Provincial Grand Stewards Lodge in 2001 following his appointment as Steward, offices held Junior Deacon and Almoner and is currently Treasurer from 2008.
  • Exalted into Five Points Royal Arch Chapter on the 23rd September 1995, First Principal May 2000. Subsequently joined Provincial Grand Stewards Chapter where he is now Treasurer from 2008. A member of Bucks First Principals.
  • Perfected in Rose Croix Bombay Chapter No 18 in May 1999, Invested as Recorder of the Chapter in September 2000-2004 and Prelate in 2008.
  • Installed in Cygnet Preceptory No 464 on 13th February 2004 becoming Treasurer in February 2005 and Registrar in 2008.
  • Advanced in Cranley Mark in Berkshire and a member Southern Counties Royal Order of Scotland.

Current Honours

  • Provincial Grand Steward 2001, PPJGD October 2004, Provincial Orator 2008. Provincial Mentor 2009, Provincial Junior Grand Warden 2011, London Grand Rank 2002.
  • Royal Arch Ranks have been Provincial Standard Bearer March 2003, PPGSoj 2009.
  • Assistant Provincial Grand Master October 2013.
  • Patron of Slough Masonic Centre Refurbishment Fund.
  • Provincial Grand Master February 2018.

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