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Grae Laws

Provincial Grand Communications Officer

Personal Details

Grae was born in Wensleydale in 1970. After completing an apprenticeship as a printer in the Yorkshire Dales, he moved south to London and embarked upon a 20 year career in the printing and publishing industry. He is old enough to remember the introduction of emails and PDF’s into the business world and saw how the print and publishing industry change irrevocably as a result. In 1998 he married his wife Sarah and they have raised two daughters in Winslow, Buckinghamshire. Grae completed an Executive MBA at Brookes in Oxford in 2014 and set up a consultancy business shortly thereafter. Grae is now a business trainer and leadership coach, helping owners of small businesses to build better business models. He also delivers online workshops on Project Management, Lean Manufacturing and Business Model Innovation from his new home in Lincolnshire.

Masonic CV


Initiated in Verney Lodge No. 8849 in 2015
Joined Eric Deung Lodge No. 9695 in 2018.
Joined Marcellians Lodge No. 4450 in 2020
Appointed leader of the North East Corner Club for new and young Freemasons from 2020-2022
Appointed to Provincial Grand Steward in October 2021
Joined Buckinghamshire Provincial Grand Stewards Lodge No. 9222 in November 2021
Appointed in the field to Provincial Grand Communications Officer in January 2022

Royal Arch

Exalted into Addington Chapter No. 1787 in 2017