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Bringing a Ray of Sunshine to Ward 9

After the success of the freezers to COVID wards at Stoke Mandeville Hospital last week, Buckinghamshire Freemasons again partnered with Paula Tompkins and her team to bring a little joy to the staff of Ward 9.

Buckinghamshire Freemasons provided a fridge and microwave so staff can store and heat their meals when there isn’t enough time to leave.

A coffee machine and microwave were also supplied by Paula and her team.

In addition to practical solutions, the Buckinghamshire Freemasons also provided some pamper packs for the staff including hand cream, face cream and body mist. Haddenham Lodge also provided lip balms.

Delivered once again by Bill Smithson, one ward sister said ‘Oh, wow! This is so great and we can now have a hot exciting!’

Such is the success of these projects that Buckinghamshire Freemasons has a dedicated contact for NHS personnel in need of some help. If you are a member of NHS staff and would like some assistance then please email This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.

Once again, thanks to all our NHS workers from all of the Buckinghamshire Freemasons.