Buckinghamshire Provincial Grand Stewards Lodge

The Buckinghamshire Provincial Grand Stewards Lodge is open to Provincial Grand Stewards of this and other provinces. Each year the newly elected Provincial Stewards are invited to join and all do.

The Lodge is very much a working lodge, serving the Province and the Provincial Executive with assistance where needed to organise events, the Provincial Meeting and generally help out across the length and breadth of the Province.

Members always dress in their red Stewards' regalia irrespective of their current rank and with over 100 members, meetings are an impressive display of crimson from one end of the temple to the other. Each year the new intake of active Provincial Stewards serve as Stewards within the Lodge and are quickly introduced to the work that goes on. Within these groups friendships are forged with last for many years as Stewards from every corner of the Province come together and form strong bonds.

The Lodge meets three times a year and moves around the Province visiting different centres. The Installation meeting in November alternates between Bletchley and Slough and is well attended by both members and visitors from other Provincial Grand Stewards Lodges.