Marlow Lodge 2752

Marlow Lodge was consecrated at the Crown Hotel, Marlow, on Wednesday October 11th 1899, by W.Bro. J. E. Bowen, P.A.G.D.C. (Eng.), D.Prov.G.M. (Bucks) and is the oldest Lodge in Marlow. Regular meetings of Marlow Lodge 2752 are held five times a year on the second Wednesday in October, November, December, February and March at the Marlow Masonic Centre, St. Peter Street, Marlow, SL7 1NQ.

A brief history of Marlow Lodge
On October 27th 1898, at the Crown Hotel, Marlow, three men had an informal discussion and decided to call a meeting of local Freemasons to consider the formation of a Masonic Lodge to be held at the Crown Hotel, Marlow. They were W.Bro. Henry Hambling, P.S.G.D. (Bucks), P.M. Abbey Lodge, Westminster, No. 2030, and Wycombe Lodge, No. 1501, a retired Superintendent of Police from London living at Redpits, Marlow. W.Bro. George W.S.Kendall, P.M. St. John and St. Paul Lodge, Sidcup, No. 615 a young man who had recently commenced business in Marlow and later became Rate Collector and founded a firm of House and Estate Agents, and Brother W.E.Cole, Wycombe Lodge, No. 1501, the proprietor of the Crown Hotel, who was to provide accommodation for the new Lodge.
The new Lodge was consecrated at the Crown Hotel, Marlow, on Wednesday October 11th 1899, by W.Bro. J. E. Bowen, P.A.G.D.C. (Eng.), D.Prov.G.M. (Bucks). The consecrating officers were all elected Honorary Members of the Lodge. The Lodge met in the Crown Hotel, Marlow, from October 1899 to January 1910. Then in February 1910 The Great Marlow Institute became the place of meeting and was used until October 1926. In February 1934 it was decided that the Lodge should move to other premises. In October 1934 the Lodge met at the Public Hall, Marlow, which had not been used for some time. In November 1934 it was resolved to acquire the Public Hall for £1000 and change the meeting place accordingly. In December 1934 it was resolved to change the name to ‘Marlow Masonic Hall’ and the Lodge has held its meetings at this venue to the current day.
On Wednesday 13th October 1999, Marlow Lodge celebrated its Centenary. At the meeting a Centenary Thanksgiving Ceremony was conducted by the D.Prov.G.M. Dr. Royston Fender and his Provincial Officers, after which a second ceremony to dedicate a new Lodge Banner was held.

The Universities Scheme of the United Grand Lodge of England
Marlow Lodge is proud to be one of a select group of Lodges throughout England that is permitted to foster close ties with designated Universities and Colleges within its Masonic Province. Marlow Lodge being within the Province of Buckinghamshire has strong ties with the Buckinghamshire New University situated in High Wycombe, Buckinghamshire.

We offer the Students and Graduates of South Buckinghamshire a chance to join Marlow Lodge at 18, younger than the normal age of 21 and in so doing become members of a Worldwide Fraternal organisation that will enable them to enhance their lives and also their sphere of friends.

Throughout the year we have special events to raise money for charity. These consist of a Ladies Festival Weekend, which is usually held at a suitable Hotel within easy travelling distance of Marlow and is well attended by Lodge members, their friends and family. Likewise a summer Garden Party is hosted by the Lodge attended by Lodge members and members of other Lodges. We also hold Selected Festive Board evenings open to Masonic and non Masonic guests, the primary one being our Christmas White Table evening at which - among other festivities - the local church choir entertain the guests with a carol concert. Also throughout the year we have various social meetings etc., all of which enable us to raise several hundreds of pounds for local and national charities.

Additional information
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