Vale Lodge 6632





Vale Lodge No 6632 was founded in 1948 consequent to a petition being presented to Grand Lodge, seeking permission for it’s formation. The petition had been signed by fifteen Brethren who became Founder Members of the Lodge at the inaugural meeting.


Five of the fifteen Founders were also members at Ferdinand de Rothchild Lodge No 2420, our Mother Lodge. Ferdinand de Rothchild was and still is a well established Lodge, having been consecrated in 1892. It had also given ‘birth’ to another daughter lodge, Aylesbury, No 4534, which was consecrated in 1923.


As with any well established Lodge Ferdinand de Rothchild was developing at a healthy rate and a group of its most active Brethren decided to take the necessary steps to establish a new Lodge since the length of time required to achieve the Master’s Chair in our Mother Lodge was becoming excessive.


The Founders meetings took place at the Millwrights Arms, Aylesbury as did later committee meetings. From 1953 most of the committee meetings were held at The Olde Bulls Head , Market Square, Aylesbury before finally moving to the Masonic Centre in Ripon Street.


The name Vale was chosen to signify the Vale of Aylesbury, where it was hoped it would draw most of its members. It is represented on the Lodge crest by St Mary’s Church, Aylesbury, being the centre point of the Vale of Aylesbury. At the time of the consecration it was the tallest building in the area and thus visible from most points in the Vale.


The Lodge was consecrated by R W Bro Maj. Gen. The Rt. Hon Lord Burnham CB, DSO, MC, PGW, Provincial Grand Master, at the Masonic Hall, Ripon Street, Aylesbury, on Thursday 29th April 1948.


The Founders and first officers of the Lodge donated their collars and jewels and these are still being used by the officers at the Lodge to this day.


It is perhaps, worth remembering that the Annual Subscription in 1948 was £1. 1s. 0d (£1.05p in new money).


Application to start a Lodge of Instruction to meet at the Masonic Hall, Ripon Street, Aylesbury on Monday evenings was made in 1951. To date The Lodge of Instruction still meets regularly on Monday evenings.


By 1957 the Annual subscription had risen to £5.15s.6d (£5.77) In 2016 the subscription has risen to £220.00.


In November 1959 Mrs Rufus Ramsden donated a set of Working Tools to the Lodge.


In June 1962 Bro A B Ramsden ( Senior Warden) proposed that the Lodge purchase a set of Tracing Boards and a pair of Square and Compass. This proposal was seconded by W Bro P Cannon and approved by the Brethren.


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