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Misbourne 3375

Misbourne 3375

Misbourne Lodge is a Freemasons Lodge that meets in Beaconsfield and is No.3375 in the Register of Lodges held by the United Grand Lodge of England.

We meet six times a year at the Beaconsfield Masonic Centre. We hold a special ceremony to admit new members, firstly as an Entered Apprentice and further ceremonies to promote him to a Fellowcraft and then Master Mason.

Any man over the age of 21 may join regardless of ethnicity, political views or religion, although he is expected to have a faith.*

It is often suggested that Freemasonry is a secret organisation. In fact all our ceremonies are published and freely available from booksellers and on- line. In common with many other organisations, our only secrets are some special recognition signs. English Freemasonry is not secretive, nor are members permitted to seek any financial gain from their membership.

Freemasons Lodges in England are structured along the lines of medieval Craft Guilds and the general consensus is that Freemasonry descends directly or indirectly from the organisation of operative stone masons who built the great cathedrals and castles of the Middle Ages.

Charity is an important aspect of Freemasonry. Misbourne Lodge is pleased to have been able to provide valuable financial support to the Thames Valley Air Ambulance, Help for Heroes, Riding for the Disabled, Stoke Mandeville Neonatal Unit and a new Ultrasound Scanner for Wycombe Hospital.

However we do not forget our own members and every Lodge has an Almoner charged with looking after them and their families in times of difficulty.

*For ladies interested in Freemasonry, there is The Order of Women’s Freemasonry, the oldest and largest Masonic organisation for women in the UK. Please see: for further details.

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