Classic Car Lodge Founders Meet & Eat

Autumn / Winter 2016

A race track of work continues with the backing of our Provincial Grand Master to consecrate the new Lodge for Buckinghamshire in May 2017. More than 44 Buckinghamshire founding members are now (or already have) signed the petition, led by Matthew Eaton.

Latest Updates:

  • November 6th was a breakfast meeting at Marlow Masonic Centre, with a wonderful "Full English" served by Eddie and his team. 24 Masons attended along with our Primus Master in attendance to review. Founding officers have now been formally named, founding fees collected and numerous organisational topics were discussed and decided upon. Part of the meeting was seeing first-hand the imagery for lodge banner, as well as discussing shows, drives, and days out in 2017 post consecration.
  • October 30th was a well attended day out with spouses for a Sunday pub lunch at a gourmet pub in rural Oxon at the Seven Stars.
  • September 25th was a brunch meeting held jointly with the Bucks Motorcycle Lodge in Winslow which was proceeded by a leisurely drive throughout many rural roads across the province.

Once the Car lodge has been consecrated, it will be a roaming lodge housed at Beaconsfield centre that travels around the province that will encourage new Initiates to join as it is a traditional Lodge, meeting four times per year. 

If you are interested in becoming a Joining member or an Initiate then please contact Matt Eaton  This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it. at the first instance. Matt will work with the lodge officers to assist.

John Clark

Assistant Provincial Grand Master