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Buckinghamshire Masonic Choir -- Join us!

Brethren, did you know that there is a Buckinghamshire Masonic Choir which is open to all Freemasons to join? 

  • Did you know that we as a Bucks Masonic Choir perform at many masonic events during the year including the Provincial Meeting?
  • Did you know that you do not need to be a fully-trained singer to join? Just someone who is enthusiastic and enjoys singing and wants to be part of something very special. 
  • Did you know that everyone can sing?

Music is a very important part of Freemasonry, we sing in Lodge and we certainly sing at the Festive Board. It helps everyone to enjoy their Freemasonry and creates an added dimension to our Fraternity. How many times have we all said how much we enjoyed a meeting because the Organist complemented the ceremony and added to the enjoyment.

Have you ever wondered what the Master’s Song sounds like sung by a choir, or indeed, the Initiate’s Song sung by a trio or a full choir? Have you ever attended a Lodge Christmas event and thought it would be nice to have a choir singing carols? You can now be part of that and be part of something very exciting. This is not a commitment which will take up to much of your time but one which will help the Province.

Singers always sound better when being accompanied, so, if you do not want to sing but play an instrument instead, you would be very welcome to join us. Whatever instrument you play there is an opportunity for you to assist.

Brethren, my challenge to you all is to come and join us and help promote Freemasonry and its values. We are a small dedicated team who want to bring music to our Fraternity. We are hoping to form two choirs, one in the North and one in South, so, there’s no need to worry about travelling too far and just think what it would be like when they are combined.

If you would like to sing or play or would like to know more please contact:

W Bro Brian Meager

This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it. 

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