St Barnabas Jewel Presentation

St Barnabas, number 948, met at the wonderful Gables Hall temple in July and carried out a 3rd-degree ceremony, raising Bro Jack Muir to the sublime degree of a Master Mason.

One agenda item was to present Honorary Jewels to those brethren who had achieved particular levels of personal donation towards the Bucks 2021 Festival. The Jewels were presented by W Bro Mike Clanfield, Provincial Grand Charity Steward, who was accompanied at the meeting by W Bro Phil Blacklaw, Bucks APGM.

St Barnabas Lodge have, together, raised over £10,000 to date towards the Festival, and their fundraising efforts continue with a Race Night later in the month, with further events being planned.
Mike spoke passionately about the objectives of the festival and the different ways of helping reach its objectives.

St Barnabas Charity Steward W Bro Andy Cross said: “We are determined to do the very best we can for the Festival, and knowing the generous nature of our members, I have no doubt we will achieve great things over the next couple of years".

From left to right with members of St Barnabas proudly showing their new jewels are;
W. Bro Mike Clanfield, Provincial Grand Charity Steward
W Bro Chris Soper
Bro Mick Goddard
Bro Kevin Cumberland
W Bro David Norris (Master of St Barnabas)
W Bro Bob Isaacson
Bro Phil Harpin
W Bro Ray Wilson
W Bro Phil Blacklaw, APGM