Haddenham Annual Winterfest

The Annual Haddenham Winterfest was held on Saturday 12th December with its usual mix of good food, lovely beers and excellent entertainment.

Once again the weather was extremely kind and on what turned out to be a dry, warm and not too windy day, the Haddenham Lodge 8944 donned their aprons and took up their cooking utensils to provide sustenance for those attending the event.

With over 1100 people in attendance during the afternoon, there was no shortage of customers and the team had sold its full complement of 350 sausages and burgers before it got dark.

The meat, supplied by Wrens of Thame, was up to its usual high standard and quite a few people were noted to have come back for seconds.

The Master of Haddenham Lodge, Richard Forrest, said; “Once again the event has been an outstanding success and we must congratulate the Beerfest committee on their superb organisation and give our thanks for inviting us to participate once more. We raised £700 on the day which will all be donated to local charities and good causes by Haddenham Lodge and the Beerfest Trust.

Picture shows Tony Robinson and Lloyd Davies of Haddenham Lodge hard at work.