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Buckinghamshire Motorcycle Lodge 9926

The Buckinghamshire Motorcycle Lodge 9926 has now had meetings in September and October and at both meetings visitors have asked to join the Lodge because of its unique quirks. If you want to experience this for yourself, you are always welcome to come along as a visitor, even if you don't own a motorbike.

Buckinghamshire AsstProvGM John Clark explains:

“The Executive has always believed that specialisation lodges are the way forward and it was after some pressure from my son Jack Clark and Giorgio Guarino that I decided to try to progress things.

Our PGM, being very forward thinking, immediately agreed to let us go forward with this. We then advertised the idea to the Province and had a superb response. This included many younger Masons who, unfortunately, were not in a position to be become founders but will become joining members at the first regular meeting at Beaconsfield Masonic Centre on Saturday 3rd September 2016. 

Jack and Giorgio have already been instrumental in organising a number of very successful ride-out meetings with 10 or 11 bikes taking part in each. Wayne Plowright, who will be initiated into the Lodge in September, has attended every Founders meeting and ride-out and is already very much part of the team. My sincere thanks also go to John Holsman, Tony Carter and Gary Brodie for the huge effort they have put into this endeavour over the last 18 months and to all the founders, joiners and the future initiate for their outstanding support.”

John continued: “The Lodge will meet on Saturday mornings, with breakfast as our Festive Board, and although we will reside at Beaconsfield Centre, it is intended that the program will be varied with dispensations being sought for some very unusual and interesting ride-out meetings. We will also attend other motorcycle lodges in other Provinces where possible.”

The consecration ceremony took place at the Sindlesham Masonic Centre and was attended by nearly 250 Freemasons from Buckinghamshire and other Masonic Provinces. 

The Provincial Grand Master of Buckinghamshire, Gordon Robertson, conducted the consecration ceremony with the assistance of his officers of the year.  This was followed by the installation of the first Master of the Lodge, John Clark, by the Buckinghamshire DepProvGM, Robert Wharton. The Master then appointed and installed his officers.

The days ceremonial concluded with a fine Festive Board which was enjoyed by all those present. Everyone in attendance wished this new Buckinghamshire Lodge, its Master and members the very best for their future meetings, both at home and ‘on the road’.

Pictures show the new Lodge’s VSL cushion and the Founders of the Motorcycle Lodge