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Mentoring Moving Forward - Local Support

The year started with over 200 Brethren attending the first Mentoring conferences with presentations from all members of the Executive team.

Presentations covered the Province moving forward, Mentoring support throughout the Province and the Grand Lodge message of the importance of ‘Team Work’ with regard to Mentoring in Lodges.

Provincial Mentoring support now includes:

·         For Lodge Mentors - the ‘Personal Development Plan’.  This guides Lodge Mentors on the actions they need to take, when they need to take them and which members to get involved through the 1st, 2nd and 3rd degrees.

·         For new Members we have developed an information guide which is designed to make them pro-active with two calls to action.

·         This year we have been working with a few Lodges looking at best Mentoring practice.  With the help and support of Grand Union Lodge 9641, we have developed a Personal Member’s Companion.  This document can be customised with your Lodge details and will be available for Lodge Mentors to give to Personal Mentors from September of this year.

At the Provincial Grand Officers Club meeting, Ray Reed our PPGM presented a talk on the ‘Future of Freemasonry’.  Once again the message covered the importance of Teamwork and Lodges having a succession plan.   

Our local centre Mentoring coordinators will by now have made contact with all Lodge Mentors and will be arranging local Mentoring meetings so that he can bring you up to speed on the support Mentoring documentation.  Finally, they will be looking to get ideas as to the level of support you would like on a local basis and get ideas for best practice within Lodges which will eventually become part of a Mentoring training manual.

The most important new development for 2017 will be localised Mentoring meeting at centres.  These meetings are open to everyone interested in Mentoring and it is hoped that Lodge Officers will also attend so they can be updated on Grand Lodge direction.

The Meetings will run from 7.00pm - 8.30pm, presenters will include James Blackhurst (NECC) & Peter Kemp (Provincial Membership Officer), joined by a member of the Executive for a question and answer session.

Meeting dates (2017):

·         6th February - Beaconsfield.

·         8th February - Aylesbury.

·         16th February -  Bletchley.

·         22nd February - Slough.

·         24th February - Marlow.

If you would like to support the Provincial Mentoring team please contact W Bro Eugene Matthias at This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it..