Buckinghamshire Summer Lodge of Instruction - 2017

As Spring has now well and truly sprung we can now look forward to the long awaited return of The Summer Lodge of Instruction.

Contrary to anything you may have heard before, the Summer LOIs are not just for new Brethren but are for all Brethren who may be advancing in Lodge position as well as those who want to assist the wider Masonic community as other Brethren advance their craft.

Based on popular feedback from Brethren who have taken up a higher degree to further their Masonic learning, a full programme of Royal Arch Chapter evenings have also been incorporated. This allows the more advanced Master Masons who are in the Royal Arch the opportunity to learn more about the Order and not impede any Craft work they may also be undertaking.

The summer session starts with a Curry Night in Chutneys in High Wycombe as usual where Brethren joining the summer sessions can enjoy each other's fellowship in a relaxed social atmosphere.

At the beginning of September, there was a presentation of our workings, to the Cliveden Lodge at the Beaconsfield Masonic Centre as their first meeting of the year. This year we are planning something a bit different, more information will follow when all the creases have been ironed out.

Finally, the summer session closes with a Beaconsfield Curry Night, where once again the Brethren who learned together and supported each other over the summer can enjoy each other's company in a relaxed social atmosphere.

To be consistent, the classes conform to an Installation in Emulation Working include the following:

Opening the Lodge in the relevant Degree(s).

· Open the Lodge

· Learn and perfect the Inner Workings.

· Learn and perfect the Initiation, Degree Raisings, and degree-specific floor work relevant to the degree

· Closing the Lodge in (all) the Degree(s).

The degrees covered will depend on the number of attendees.

There are breaks for discussion at any time for clarification of any points that are unclear or to discuss differences in other workings such as Taylors, Universal, etc.

The Summer LOIs are there for you, if there is something you would like to practice or need help with let us know and we will endeavour to help with anything from ritual to confidence and presentation skills.

Summer 2017 Dates

24th May Chutneys Restaurant High Wycombe 19:00

Marlow Centre Dates

14th, 21st, 28th June and the 12th July

Beaconsfield Centre Dates

19th, 26th July and 2nd, 9th, 16th and 21st August

13th September Basmati Restaurant Beaconsfield 19:00

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