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W Bro Bob Graham, BSc, PPGSuptWks 60 Years in Masonry 1958 - 2018

On 2nd April 1958, a young man of 27 known to all of us as W Bro Bob Graham, accompanied by his father, found their way from their house to The Masonic Hall, Hartford Road West, Bedlington, NE22 6HU.

Bob along with his father had been approached by his Uncle to become Masons and with a little explanation about the Masonic values, they were initiated together into St Cuthbert’s Lodge No 1902. 

The 2nd April a memorable date for Bob as not only did he embark on his Masonic Career, his daughter Helen was born on the 2nd April some years later.

St Cuthbert’s Lodge was constituted on 23rd June 1881 and originally met in the Kings Arms Hotel in the main street of Bedlington, Northumberland, before moving to its current home.

In Bedlington, Bob has started courting his lifelong love Jean and it was then he found out, via his mum’s butcher who was another member of the lodge, that Jean’s father had also been a member of the Bedlington lodge before passing to the Grand Lodge above some time before he met Jean. 

Bob and his father were passed to the 2nd degree on 7th May 1958.

On June 5th, after further study of the arts and sciences, Bob was raised to the 3rd degree, becoming a Master Mason.

Bob a keen traveller had now had moved his family and career 1st to Tripoli and then in 1965 to Kampala, Uganda starting as a teacher and eventually becoming Headmaster of Nakasero School.

As we are all aware Masonry is spread across Globe.

When the Grahams 1st arrived in Kampala they were put up in a hotel where Bob met another Expat who was on his way to a Lodge meeting.

Bob said that he was also a Mason and was told that his Headmaster was a Mason and to make himself known.

Not wanting it to appear that he was after any favours he left it sometime before declaring himself to be a Mason and in March 1967, Bob joined the Victoria Nyanza Lodge No 3492.

On returning to England after a further move to Dar-es-Salaam and settling down in Beaconsfield, Bob used to find his way to a little pub in Seer Green – The Three Horseshoes for the odd pint and a chat.

The landlord at the time was Mr Roy Sawyer, a practising Middlesex Mason. One of his regular customers was a Mr Peter Bingle, a resident of the village and also a Middlesex Mason. It was not surprising, therefore, that Freemasonry was often a topic of conversation between the two and eventually the idea of forming a lodge, named after the village, was mooted.

Roy was aware that there were other customers of his residing in the village who were also members of the craft, namely Wes Hyde and Bob Graham. These were duly consulted to see if they too, would be interested in such a venture. Both agreed, as did a Mr Paul Deakin, an acquaintance of Peter Bingle, living in nearby Chalfont St Giles. The seed had been sown.

It had originally been planned to apply to Marlow Masonic Centre for permission for the new lodge to hold its regular meetings there. However, Hall Barn Lodge was already meeting at the Bellhouse Hotel, Beaconsfield, and was willing to allow its daughter lodge to use its furniture and appointments stored at the Bellhouse. This proved to be a prudent decision, for the manager of the Bellhouse Hotel, Mr Herbie Waser, was already a member of Hall Barn, and not only agreed to welcome Seer Green but expressed a desire to become a joining member, once the Lodge had been consecrated.

Seer Green Lodge, with eighteen founder members, was consecrated on the 4th December 1982 at the Bellhouse Hotel, Oxford Road, Beaconsfield.

Bob as a founding member took the office of Junior Warden and has served the Lodge or stood in on various occasions in most offices over the years - being Worshipful Master in 1984 before installing Herbie Waser in the Chair. Taking the Chair once again in 2006 and will return once more at the October Installation meeting to the Chair of King Solomon.

He gave the lodge ceremonies with ritual to that we are all envious of... and I am sure that his next term of office will be the same.

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