Passport to Freemasonry

Attendees at the recent relaunch of the North East Corner Club received an interesting challenge

as well as a demonstration of the first - degree ceremony with commentary. Participants in the well - attended meeting were all issued with a ‘Passport’. Inside the document were details of every centre in the Province. The challenge is to attend a meeting at each centre in the Province and visit The Buckingham room at Grand Lodge. All of the first 25 who complete the challenge will receive a pair of NECC limited edition cufflinks. 

The schedule for 2018/19 was also unveiled including events right through the Summer months. These include visits to Grand Lodge, presentations and a White Table event.

Pictured above enjoying the event at Marlow Centre are the attendees.   


Schedule for 2018/19

  1. 5thJune - Lodge of the Month Golden Fleece Lodge No. 4739.
  2. 19thAugust – NECC Exhibit at PSA testing in Bletchley.
  3. 29thSeptember – U.G.L.E. Museum visit and tour.
  4. 1stOctober – Lodge of the Month St Martins Lodge No. 2812
  5. 22ndOctober – NECC members dining table, at the Buckinghamshire Provincial Grand Lodge meeting.
  6. 17thNovember – Presentation on the links between U.G.L.E, Province and the Lodge. 
  1. March 2019 – White Table event, bring a non-masonic friend.

 A newsletter will be sent out shortly describing these events in more detail. If you would like to register with the NECC and join the NECC challenge please contact me via This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.