Special Installation at St Martin’s Lodge No. 2812

The 14thMay was the date of a very special Installation ceremony at the oldest Lodge at the Bletchley Centre, St Martin’s 2812.

On that evening, Nick Hills Sands-Potter was installed into the chair by both his Father and Stepfather. Nick’s Stepfather, Alan Sands-Potter, who is now the IPM of St Martin’s, did both obligations, while his father, Tim Hills, WM of Bow Lodge 7751, performed the Inner Workings.  

The evening was a great success and, as Nick pointed out, shows an excellent example of the principle of brotherly love celebrated by this event.

The picture shows (from left to right) W. Bro. Alan Sands-Potter, IMP of St Martin’s Lodge, W. Bro. Nicholas Hills Sands-Potter, new WM of St Martin’s Lodge and W. Bro. Tim Hills, WM of Bow Lodge